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Anyone else have the day off? Thinking of doing a longish ride. Either from Seattle to Mt. Baker or HWY 20. The Baker ride is awesome, haven't been on Hwy 20 yet but many people have told me it's the best ride in WA. To Baker and back is 300 miles, very nice roads, little traffic, beautiful scenery and you often see bears and cougars and other little critters. Would like to leave around 9am.

I made 8 of the last 9 threads Doh It's summer, anyone else riding?
that is because you are a


Dunno j/k

I don't have that day but as it gets closer maybe i will take it if its nice.
I just want my post count to be as high as 01's Dunno

BTW, I've reserved good weather so it'll be a nice ride!
That sounds like a fun ride. Too bad I'm working. I really want to get together with some other local Cat owners and ride. Maybe another time.
ericatuw Wrote:I just want my post count to be as high as 01's Dunno

good luck with that.
I think I should be free that day, but no guarantees, I'll let you know when it gets closer. If I am free count me in, sounds like fun.
The 14th is my Mother's birthday. I usually take the day to see her.

It is on the way to Baker, however... Angel
Will keep it in mind. Likely have day off, but not sure what life has planned for me then.
If you guys weren't 7.5 hours away, i'd be in Smile
Kosif Wrote:If you guys weren't 7.5 hours away, i'd be in Smile
Road trip! Biglol

We're doing hwy 20, supposed to be the best ride in WA. Leaving Seattleish are around 8:30 I hope. Hitting hwy 20 around 9:30. I'm going to PM all the local folk, this ride should have good weather and should be awesome! Will probably be meeting up with more riders.
Sorry guys, I got to work. But keep me posted on more rides. Eric, thanks for the PM!!! Enjoy the ride!!
I'm not doin anything on Wednesday, so count me in.
route map:

[Image: image_map.gif]
Thats a long ride, I did it last summer with some subaru people, we came back on hwy 2 through leavenworth and stevens pass, that was fun, we went through rain, snow and sun. If the weather is nice I'm in. Where are we meeting in Seattle? It takes me about an hour to get there.
STI, three possible meets. I'm sure I'll Emay somewhere in N. Seattle, since hes in the U-District, 2nd would Smokey point and hwy 9, third, in Sedro Woolley at hwy 20.

1) Leave my area 8:30 am
2) Smokey point 9:15 am
3) Sedro Wooley (hwy 20) 10:00 am
Thanks for the pm eric. I wish I could make it, but have to work that day. Maybe another time. Have fun guys!
ditto I am stuck working too.
Sti, emay, you guys both still in? weather's looking decent. Where do you want to meet up at?

Leaving 76 station http://maps.google.com/maps?f=l&hl=en&s ... 40255&om=1 at 8:30 am

Leaving texaco http://maps.google.com/maps?f=l&hl=en&s ... 20127&om=1 by 10:00 am

let me know soon if I should wait for ya guys

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Ok, it’s official. I’m jealous

I’ve always wanted to do this ride but never gotten around to it. Plus tomorrow it looks like the weather should hold.

Have fun “scoping it out” so we can do it again later this summer when the rest of us can make it Cool. A return via highway 2 sometime would be sweet.

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