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I'd totally be up for it, but I'm in a wedding that day. Hopefully we can get something going soon though.
I'll be in Aurora this weekend, and I'm getting the CBR out to ride. If any of you want to get out for a short ride let me know.

dang, I'll be on a cruise this weekend.
Hey, I haven’t posted in a while, but am a happy cat owner up in Gresham OR.

I've actually been trying to find someone who knows what a cat's supposed to sound like because I think mine's making some weird noises at about 7k.

Maybe I can meet up with someone else local who's familiar with the bike and get an "expert" opinion? :-)
I don't consider myself a cat expert, but I consider myself a very competent motorcycle mechanic. I'm down in Aurora until next weekend if you want to come down for a ride and to have me check out your bike.

hersh_ml Wrote:I don't consider myself a cat expert, but I consider myself a very competent motorcycle mechanic. I'm down in Aurora until next weekend if you want to come down for a ride and to have me check out your bike.


We could arrange a group meeting, cause I have some mechanical-like thigns to ask too, and I am not very mechanically-inclined... (I've finally learned much about my car, but I'm only starting to learn with the Cat.)
I'm considering riding to Bald Peak in the next couple days, is anyone up for going too? We could meet in Newberg or something. If anyone is interested, send me a PM with your phone number.

Dang, I was at Bald peak on Saturday. From there we went to the Grand Lodge McMinimins which was nice. I'm slammed through the end of the weekend, but may be able to swing out that way again after the 6th.

It will be cool to see some other YZF's...

I was listening to my bike more, and I may just be hearing chain noise, I don't know how much of this is normal and I don't have the stock 15 tooth sprocket up front with the rubber bumpers on it. It will be interesting to see.
I'm starting my cross country trip next weekend, so if anyone wants to join me the first day you are more than welcome. I may head out over Bald Peak, and either up to Forest Grove or up to Vernonia and Clatskanie. PM me if you are interested.

Hi guys/gals. I recently bought a YZF, found this site, and now this thread. I live in Portland. I'd be interested in getting out on a ride sometime. Here are the basics:

user: shizzodubs
bike: '03 YZF600R Silver/Black (22k miles and still purring)
city: Portland
years riding: 3
riding course:Team Oregon
MySpace: http://www.myspace/whetherpdx.com
I think I will be up for doing some riding next spring/summer. I'm working in Phoenix until January/February-ish, but I think I will be in the Wilsonville area after that. Hit me up if you want to do some riding!
Moving up to my neck o' the woods, eh, hersh?
Yeah bean, hopefully I'll be living just across the river from you guys. Nothing is for sure yet, but at least somewhere in the area.

portland or
shane owen
2001yzf 600
18years dirt
7years street
i ride more than anyone and im always looking for local people to ride with ill ride rain or shine
i have a lot of exp and am 21 years old
ocupation/ bike mecanic
can also help riders around portland get discount parts for anything
The weather is getting nicer and nicer! It's almost warm enough for me to brave the elements up I-5 to Portland at 6am to go to work. Let's get something planned this spring, a ride around silver falls or something of the sort.
That sounds good to me. I should be home in a couple days, and staying for a while. While I plan on selling the CBR, if you guys don't mind I can still sport the KLR. Keep me posted.

Hey as long as it's got wheels. Where are you living nowadays? Weren't you planning on moving to the Wilsonville area?
Right now I am living at my parent's place near Butteville. In about a week I am moving into a house right across the field. So we're talking about 4 miles to Wilsonville. I've got a couple things on the KLR to take care of before I take in on the street again. These include checking to see if the doo has been replaced, and fixing the leaky cooling system.
Just thought I'd post a link to a thread over in General I just made regarding VigilancePrime.

user: italianracer
bike: 2007 YZF 600R Blue
city: Salem, Oregon/Corvallis, Oregon
years riding: less than one
riding course: Team Oregon
MySpace: Dont use it anymore, Facebook is better.
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