Full Version: New to Boise, Idaho Area - Good Places to Ride?
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Hey guys, I just recently moved to the Boise Idaho area from Michigan. I hauled the Cat in the Penske Truck (although they don't exactly support such practices). I have been using the bike to commute to work every day since I got here, you have to love the 99% chance of riding every day out here. It has rained maybe 2 times since I got here. Back in Michigan you could count on crummy weather on a weekly basis, sometimes daily! My bike is in the shop right now getting a bit of a tuneup at Rod's Motorcycle shop in Caldwell. He seems like a serious biker with many years experience. I will let you know how everything turns out. In my experience finding a good mechanic, if you aren't mechanically inclined is invaluable.

Now, since I'm new around here, does anyone have any favorite places to ride in Idaho? I was up towards Stanley last week and I saw a lot of bikers that looked like they were having a great time riding. It is really beautiful up there. Any good canyons around here? Please share your favorite spots, and any other information that might be useful to a new to Idaho rider!
55 up to McCall is a great ride although traffic can suck. The road out of Cascade that runs along the South Fork of the Salmon is a really neat uncrowded area!