Full Version: Anyone near Florence, OR with a YZF600R?
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I'm thinking of buying a new 2007 located out of state but I have not had a chance to look at one or sit on it to see if I'd be happy with it. Does anyone live nearby or planning on driving through anytime soon so I could look at your bike?

I'm in Eugene, but unfortunately not going to the coast in the foreseeable future. You should be able to find a YZF up in the Portland area. I test rode one for the first time up at Hillsboro motosport. Beaverton Honda motorcycles also had a 2007, both places were reasonably priced. Check out Oregon City motorcycle web sites as well.
The bike has a very comfortable tuck down/in position, but also upright enough not to kill your neck and shoulders. Regardless sit on every bike you come across to find the best type and fit for you. It may take a while but in the end you'll be happier.
If you're ever up in the Portland area, you can feel free to sit on mine.