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Official OREGONIAN Thread
I Love Oregon.


So, after using the search function and looking around a bit, I came across the Pacific Northwest forum and some threads with Oregonian members. So then I thought to myself, "Self, we need an Oregonian thread," to which I replied, "I agree."

I know right now the weather is heading into the colder and wetter side (and snow-ier in some places soon), but come spring and summer, we Oregonians ought to get together for some rides. It would surely help a bunch of us newer types - ::raises hand:: - out and get us some much-needed experience and fellow-bike-rider and fellow-Cat-owner socialization.

Anyway, here's the place to start. Let's all get to know each other a little bit. I'll start.

user: VigilancePrime
bike: 2002 YZF600R, Black/Silver
city: Salem, Oregon (our great state's capital)
years riding: less than one
riding course: yes, Team Oregon's IRT
MySpace: yes, VigilancePrime

...Now, who's gonna be next?

bike- 2006 black yam yzf600r, 2006 black Suz Katana 600, 2007 black Kawi Ninja ZX-6R
city- Just moved to the Portland area from Salem
years riding- 1.5
riding course-Team Oregon

VP- I'll be down in Salem next week from Friday-Saturday. You and anyone else in the area wanna meet up for lunch on Saturday at noon? Say Buster's bbq on S. Commercial? I'll be in a car.
user: hersh_ml
bike: 2006 Suzuki M109R, though I am a former YZF600 owner
city: Corvallis, OR
years riding: 7 years dirt, 8 years street
riding course: yes, Team Oregon
MySpace: no, former MySpacer, now only Facebook

VigilancePrime great idea on the Oregonian thread! I looked for Oregonians on here in the past, with limited results. But now it sounds like there are a few of you guys on here, and I think that is pretty cool.

We started a local riding group last summer called Willamette Valley Asphalt Junkies, check out . All of you are welcome to join us for meets and rides, though it seems during the rainy season our group has gone dormant.

My bike is stripped all the way down to the bare frame right now. I got the bike from a guy last summer who wrecked it with only 20 miles it. So I am trying to get the frame repaired, otherwise I am going to part it out. If the details here don't add up, I fix and sell bikes for a hobby (so hit me up if you need a hand fixing anything). If you guys want to meet up some time that would be fun to talk bikes or life of whatever. I'll definitely hit you guys up for a ride as soon as my bike is in ridable condition.

Ride safe, watch out for idiots who share the road with you.

I ride tall bikes.
That's awesome that you work on bikes. I am NOT a car person at all so I'm learning, both about car stuff (I'm a ton smarter today than I was even 5 years ago) and now about bike stuff. I got myself the Haynes manual already. I'm sure I'll be hitting you up with questions sometime.

For now, I'm self-restricted to Salem and the immediate area. I say that because I don't WANT to be trying any trips too fast or too long until I get more miles under my belt. I am absolutely determined NOT to be one of those new-rider statistics, know what I mean? If you are up this way though in the near future, let me know!

Come springtime and summer I'll be much more experienced and comfortable riding and I'll plan on taking a trip to Corvallis (Go Beavers!) sometime then.


hersh_ml Wrote:Ride safe, watch out for idiots who share the road with you.

Or, rather, DON'T share... :evil:
user: guts2glory
bike: 2007 Cat
location: Portland
experience: 7 years
Team Oregon course
Hey VP, I actually go through Salem fairly often. My parents live up in Aurora, and some of my friends are around the Salem/Portland area. I like to go up every few weeks, but senior project this term has been limiting how often I get out of town. I am going up this weekend actually for a tour at Freightliner (recruiting type event for our SAE teams at OSU), and I will be up north all weekend.

Just ride as much as you can and if you find some experienced people to ride with I would strongly recommend it. That way you can watch them ride and maybe have them give you a pointer or two. I can't wait to be on two wheels again! This whole not having a bike and being in school thing just kills me. But when the weather is bad I don't mind as much.

Catch you later.

I ride tall bikes.
whatsup people???!!! Sheldon here.

user: sheldo81
bike: 1996 YZF600R, "mR. Hanky" Maroon
city: Corvallis - Albany area . OSU!
years riding: 7 dirt biking - rural streets , 1 yr street
riding course: yes, Team Oregon
MySpace: negative
Cool Sheldon!

:evil: Oregon weather!

...ah well, spring and summer will be here..."soon"...
Welcome Sheldon!
I ride tall bikes.
yeah, it'll be nice when the sun comes back to our hood ..
trying to bundle up n tough it out in the meantime, when its dry.

hersh, did i meet you a couple months back, in Weniger Hall? 2nd floor

the guy i talked to said he rode a boulevard. figured i'd ask
i was probably wearing my suomy goorbergh replica helmet back then.

i wanna ride Sad
Hmm, not really sure. I don't think I have been in Weniger at all this term, I pretty much live in the basement of Rogers.

Senior project currently consumes my life. I am doing the Formula car if you have seen it or heard about it.

Anyway, maybe one of these days when I have a bike that is rideable we can get out to the coast or Alseal Falls or something. See ya.

I ride tall bikes.
nah I hadn't heard much about the car til you mentioned it, but think i saw it today , it was being pushed down Campus rd. (west) past covell. Told the 2 guys pushin that it looked good. They seemed tired, lol.

Guess they were taking advantage of the momentary sunshine - can't blame. I will too!
Yeah I bet you saw the '06 car, as they were going to be showing it to some people on campus yesterday. The'08 car is almost ready to drive, though we don't have any place that will let us drive it. If you want to come check out the cars in the shop some time, let me know and I'll show you around.

I ride tall bikes.
Greetings I live in Orygun....

user: Nelyon1
bike: 2002 YZF600R, Black/Silver
city: Milwaukie
years riding: 36
riding course: Negative
Maybe all of us Oregonians could get out for a ride some time this spring? If there's enough interest I'll see what I can put together.

I ride tall bikes.
user: bean
bike: 2003 yzf600r, silver and black
city: Wilsonville, OR, originally from Yamhill, OR
years riding: less than one
riding course: not yet, taking it next month
MySpace: yes,

my real name is Ben. I'm 23 and just learning to ride. Taking MSF next month. I would love to be taking it now, but I work nights, so I have to take the class thats on three consecutive saturdays and I have a cruise on the 25th, so it'll have to wait. I would love to go on a ride with everyone if you get something together. Let me know, I can help organize if needed!
[Image: 2403285524_3c66f136c5_o.jpg]
I might organize some rides once I get the CBR on the road. I'm trying to finish up my cruiser and get rid of it before I get the CBR out. Oh, and I am down in Corvallis.

I ride tall bikes.
So here it is. I had an idea.

02 MAY 2008.
DEPART: Salem, Oregon
ARRIVE: Warrenton, OR (on the coast neat Astoria)
DURATION: about 2.5-3 hours (each way)
One of the larger (small) Oregon National Guard units is returning from their deployment to Iraq. Their demobilization ceremony is at 1000 in Warenton near Camp Rilea. We could leave Salem at 0700 and arrive there a bit before 1000 to support the men and women of the 234 Engineer Company as they return from their successful mission of convoy security.

About a third of the travel would be along I-5 (estimating from Google Maps) and the rest on lesser highways. Top speed on the 5 about 70 and top speed otherwise about 60. ATG-ATT. I'm betting that the Patriot Riders will also be on site, so there will be a LOT of bikes there.

It's a thought. I can plan and organize a complete trip if there's interest... and by interest, I really mean at least one someone else (preferably at least three someone elses) that would commit to going.

I am going. I'm on the fence now about taking Ravage (the 600) or the cage (Charlotte) is a convertible at least...

Thoughts anyone?
My former boss moved from Denmark to somewhere in Oregon, near a mountain I think. His name is Jesper - any of you know him? Big Grin
Suzuki SV1000S K6
I'm actually riding to Hells Canyon that weekend with another group of guys I ride with. I've only ridden with one YZF owner on here, but I would like to get some riding in with you guys in the future! But I do have to say that I'm glad someone else on here has interest in riding with the Oregonians, maybe it will work out for me one of these days.

Oh and Jesper, I don't know of your former boss. But I do know one thing, there are hundreds if not thousands of mountains in Oregon!

I ride tall bikes.

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