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Christ, not a whole lot of action on here...

tbh My cat has only seen daylight once this winter.
[Image: image-2143_4B1A83A7.jpg] [Image: image-B646_4B1A83A7.jpg]
Same here.

Some action is better than none, I suppose. Dunno
I am near Cambridge, I know this is a old link but its worth a shot! You may still have your Cat! Cheers
Yes indeed - I still have the 'Cat.

It was just yesterday that I finally got everything sorted mechanically and got in a short, but fun ride on the official first day of summer.

My son graduated and has gone on to work in S Korea.
It may be a while before I get back to the UK.

That's a great paint scheme on your bike.
Cheers dude,

Unfortunately I put v power diesel in my Cat ..... Doh , so am in the process of fixing her, I have drained all the fuel, changed the spark plugs but she is definitely not purring yet, hopefully a ride and some good quality fuel will sort her out. Cheers

I take it you are in the U.S then and were planning a visit to cambridge when you started this post back in 2007 Eek
Kettering, Northamptonshire any good to you?

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