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How do I diagnose/fix my problem or modify my bike?
There are a few places to start.  We have a how-to master thread, which contains a lot of graphically-illustrated solutions for many problems and modifications.  They were all done by members trying to help others out.  Find that thread here:

Another place we have a similar (although smaller) collection is at the main website: .  Go to the "How-To's" section.

Lastly, the search function may help you find what you're looking for.  While new threads are always welcomed, do a little background searching first to see if your question has already been answered.  If you still have questions, ask away, but doing a little pre-check work will save you (and everyone else) some time.

Happy wrenching!
Ride safe in Heaven, Ron, Matt, Andrew, Joe, Kevin and Ashwin.  We miss you.

2001 YZF 600R
2006 YZF R1

Many of your YZF600R moto questions can be answered here Smile
Many of your YZF600R forum questions can be answered here Smile

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