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Digital gauge speedometer
#1 ... SY200_QL40. Would this work on the cat??
The Thundercats have a mechanical speedometer, so that would not be plug and play for speed. Other functions may work, but not speed.
You could mount sensor on the rear (preferably) or front wheel that picks up the brake-rotor bolts. That may give you 6x or 8x your speed though, unless that gauge can account for that. some have resorted to using what amounts to a bicycle speed sensor... Either way, getting electronic speed takes some thinking.
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That looks like the Koso gauge set, and if it is they work by magnets on the front wheel, or they make a cable for it that would hook into the cats existing speedometer location in the front wheel. You would just have to program the unit to read properly. all the other functions would require splicing the wireing harness. There is no direct plug and play digital gauge set. But there are memebers here that have used Koso gauges over the years

My internet isn't working properly right now otherwise I would shoot you some links
tgold Wrote:The key will be to limit the rpm sensibly and not to rev it till my balls tingle.
After getting the page to load right and looking, no they are not like the Koso gauges so I don't know if they will or will not work. However if your interested in looking at the Koso's ... le_gauges/

be prepared to drop about $400-$500 to get it all working right though
tgold Wrote:The key will be to limit the rpm sensibly and not to rev it till my balls tingle.
You could always go this route I have one as do a few other members here. Setup is pretty easy, and it comes with a 1 year warranty to boot. You could go this route and make a customer dash to put it in. A few other (perhaps only 1) have made a negative of our dash, and have done a fiberglass copy and cut it out to fit their new cluster.
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Hello my fellow thundercat riders I bought a 2001 and I am having some issues. For one I bought a digital speedometer and before I go tearing things apart or splicing into the harness I wanted to reach out and ask for some help and advice. I'm not at all made of money so it's a real budget build for me. I bought a digital speedometer from Amazon here is the link...

GDDGHS Motorcycle Speedometer...

and I want to get this installed ASAP so can someone please help me with figuring out what to do I would greatly appreciate it if you can. You can contact me on here or through my email.
That's an interesting piece of Chinesium.  Everything in one gauge.  Pretty neat.
Too bad we don't have a fuel level sensor.  Just the low level warning that is essentially an on-off switch.

The YZF600R wiring diagram is HERE.
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