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Not crazy about the boring silver.
I like that my bike is in great condition for its age.  And let's face it; when buying a used bike, you can't really put color at the top of the list.  Especially when Yamaha only produced the FJR1300 in one color for each model year.
I've always like wild paint jobs, and my age hasn't diminished that at all.   I've also always liked the "Kenny Roberts" Yamaha racing yellow with the black strobe stripe.  Yamaha used it on everything since the 70s.  I had a yellow 1973 GT80 when I was a kid, but I liked the '74 better because it had the strobe stripe.

They even promoted that scheme with a YZ465 in the back of a pickup that was also painted yellow with the black and white stripe and called it the "Yamahauler"  How could you NOT love that??


And there was Dodge the van, too!!


In my early 20s, I had a blue Dodge van with a blue Yamaha IT200.  I guess I subconsciously bought into the whole thing.  I just had to wait about 15 years.  Cool

So naturally, when I saw someone post this photo(shop?) in the FJR group on Facebox, I was stricken all over again.  That guy, too, was tired of his silver FJR and was asking for ideas.  This was just one that was posted, but it was the only one that grabbed me by the feelers.


I have the skills and the equipment.  I will probably have the time around the holidays.  I even have a Kenny Roberts style yellow, white and black Yamaha leather jacket that would go perfectly with it.
The more I think about it, the closer I get to talking myself into it.

It might be more visible in traffic. 
I think it would be more fun to ride.
The horsepower gain would be astronomical!!
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I think it would look good, but something about the stripe placement is off. maybe the large black and white yamaha tuning forks on the tank and the stripe reaching from the mid fairings back through the tail fairings? place FJR on the upper front side panel?
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YES!!! but I think the race strip is better lower. inline with the seat. And YAMAHA in white along the belly of fairing.

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There are so many variations that I would have free license to do whatever I think looks best on the FJR.  That's the beauty of this scheme. 

Some examples:

Member: 100,000+ Mile Club (2003 YZF600RR)
Wind Deflectors        Lost Sprocket Nut Fix
Current squeeze is a 2003 FJR1300R

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