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2024 20th Annual Gap Meet _ July 26-28th
WHAT?  This year will be the 20th Gap Meet. 

WHEN?  July 26-28th 2024

WHO?  This is the largest U.S. gathering of YZF600R owners that we know of.  If you own one or used to own one but are still part of this community, join us.

WHY?  It is a great opportunity to meet and ride with other YZF600R fans.
You can swap stories and swap parts while you're there.

WHERE?  It will be held in the vicinity of Deal's Gap, North Carolina.
In previous years, we used Iron Horse Lodge as a meeting grounds, but they no longer suit our needs.  New ownership and higher pricing has sucked the fun out of that place for us, as a group.

I have heard that many of our regulars are combining efforts to rent houses for the whole week of the meet.  They will likely be in or near Robbinsville, NC.
There are other locations for rooms and camping in the area.  More on that as we begin to sort things out.

If we don't all stay in the same place, communication and ride staging can be tricky, but we will figure it out, I'm sure.

Check back here or on the FB group for updates.  Don't hesitate to ask questions.

"I'm so confused!"
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