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New Member, riding for 4 years, new 03' yzf600r
New to the community. Been riding since 18. 26 now. Auto Master Tech. Build bikes on  the side for fun. Just picked up an 03' yzf600r. Such a damn good bike. Looking forward to keeping this one! Will be posting a build series soon!
Great intro. Welcome to the site.
I'm looking forward to following your build thread. Search around to get familiar with the tons of info that are here, but don't hesitate to ask the slightest of questions as you go along. I am happy to help search for specific info. If it's not here, I'd be shocked.
My YZF was a 2003 that I put nearly 100,000 miles on, so I am well versed in these machines, myself.

Where are you from?
Member: 100,000+ Mile Club (2003 YZF600RR)
Wind Deflectors        Lost Sprocket Nut Fix
Current squeeze is a 2003 FJR1300R
hello, welcome
I have a full engines worth of bolts and hardware. if you are missing somthing specialty hit me up I will share.
Goodbye Ashwin, stay safe on the otherside.
YOSHIMURA Club  member #1 President
My technical mentors; Bpro, 893cv.
A monkey can memorize facts, but ask one to rebuild a set of forks.....
"I know what I'm doing is right, I just did it wrong."

2nd Gear Rebuild Vids Here: ... sults_main

Fork Rebuild:

I have carb parts.  viewtopic.php?f=23&t=67234

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