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Tire reviews
After over two years and around 3.5k total miles later, the Avon 3D Ultra Sport pair is still going strong. Wear is minimal. I don't abuse them with track days but Georgia's twisty back-roads do keep them nicely worn all-around. Grip and performance are as good as from day one. I'm betting they will last at least 4k more.
Cíclope YZF600RS
[Image: 525917.png]
Brand: Dunlop
Model: Sprtmax Q3
Size(s): 120/70 R17 front, 160/60 R17
Date put on: Mid 2013
Date replaced: Mid 2019
Total miles: 6.5k±
% straight line: 85
% Twisty: 15
Cost (not including labor): 300
Where did you buy: CycleGear
Overall rating (1-10): 7-8
Summary: I really liked the tire. It stuck fairly well once warmed up, they wen't that expensive, and i got a good amount of life out of them. I was told only to expect 4k on normal wear but I got much more than that. They're a comfortable tire if you're not overly aggressive with them.

Current tire

Brand: Pirelli
Model: Angel GT
Size(s): 12/70 R17 front, 160/60 R17 rear
Date put on: Mid 2019
Date replaced: TBD
Total miles: 1k
% straight line: 90
% Twisty: 10
Cost (not including labor): $270
Where did you buy: Reno Yamaha
Overall rating (1-10): 8
Summary: Haven't gotten to get a real good twisty day out of them yet do to work but I have ridden in the wet and cold after break in and I can say that they warm up quickly, they stick really well on day-to-day riding and even in the wet. The dual compound is really nice and I know that once warm (and even a little cold) they're gonna stick. I've actually gotten rid of the strips just to and from work on some of the slow turns. I'll comment again when i actually wear them down and get them on some good twisty roads.
It doesn't matter if it's got 2 wheels or 18, i can drive it. I just prefer being on 2

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Bike:  Yamaha FJR1300 (sport-touring) 600 lbs
Brand: Michelin
Model: Road 6GT
Size(s):  120/70R17  180/55R17
Date put on:  (June?) 2023
Date replaced:  Still going...
Total miles:
% straight line:
% Twisty:
% track day:
Cost (not including labor):  This set was purchased used on eBay with slight normal wear for $240 US  They normally go for twice that or more.
Where did you buy:  eBay  (used parts dealer)
Overall rating (1-10):  10
Summary:  Like all Pilot Road and Road series tires on my YZF600R, these are smooth, sticky and yet durable.  The tread is very 'open'.  Even more so than the Road 5.  I assume it is to help channel water away, but it may even help in gravel, because I have never felt unstable on dirt roads and parking lots with these. 
One interesting not is that they are noisy on certain road surfaces when leaning.  The sound is like a mud tire, though not as loud.  I only notice it because I have a tall windscreen that block almost all wind noise.  The Road 5 on my YZF may have been the same way, but there was so much wind noise that I would've never heard it.  It has to be coming from the open nature of the tread.

I went with the GT version because of the weight of the FJR.  I would choose a standard Road 6 for a lighter bike.

I've had these tires leaned to the point of grinding the peg feelers with absolute confidence.  Rain traction has been fine as well.

Since these were used when I mounted them, I can't give an accurate lifespan report, but I will try to give some assessment when these are worn out.  By the way, I already have another used set on the shelf.  Wink



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